Precision Machining

Our cost-effective product processes and standardized quality control programs allows us to offer world class precision machining at the rates needed to compete in today’s global market.

Live Tooling


NO QUANTITY REQUIREMENTS. Whether a single piece lot or a high-volume, 100,000+ piece production run is needed, our facility can machine your parts.



Regent Machining

LIVE TOOLING. We boast an inventory of Mazak turning centers that have live tooling. This capability allows us to significantly reduce production time, eliminate multiple setups in turn yielding increased quality and decreased cost.




STATE-OF-THE-ART EQUIPMENT. Our modern, high-tech machining centers, turning centers and tool support systems allow us to produce high quality components while reducing costs and minimizing lead times.



MACHINING FOR MANY METAL TYPES. We offer precision machining services for aluminum, brass, copper, grey iron, ductile iron, tool steel, forgings and stainless steel.