New for 2023: Mazak Slant Turn 500

New for 2023, we are excited to announce the addition of a Mazak Slant Turn 500 to our portfolio of machines. Previously our turning capabilities have been restricted to a 24” max diameter. The ST500 is a powerful, heavy-duty, big bore turning center that expands our diameter range up to 36” cut, 41” swing. This feature rich machine also includes the latest Mazak Smooth control, a 18” chuck with optional 24” chuck, steady rest, 12 position turret and tailstock.

Regent Obtains ISO 9001:2015 Certification


A Quality Upgrade

For early 2015, Regent overhauled and revamped its entire quality department. In addition to upgrading the existing equipment, Regent also invested in a new Hexagon Metrology Performance model CMM. This new technology allows Regent to drastically increase throughput while maintaining the precision demanded by its customers and the industry. For a more in-depth look into Regent’s quality department, please visit

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Manufacturing Marvels

Regent was recently featured in the December 1st broadcast of Manufacturing Marvels® on The Fox Business Network®. This segment highlighted our manufacturing process with a specific focus on our CNC machining capabilities.



Regent, in partnership with its affiliate company A&E Cleaning and Grinding Inc., can provide a DONE-IN-ONE solution for your company’s post-molding needs. Located only 5 minutes apart, Regent and A&E can turn your raw castings into fully machined, ready to ship castings. By allowing us to provide a DONE-IN-ONE solution, your organization will immediately see numerous benefits.

Some of these benefits include:

  • reduction in transportation cost
  • minimized lead times, yielding unmatched on time delivery
  • virtual elimination of logistical conflicts through direct shipping
  • increase quality due to continual product flow.
  • overall cost reduction

From the foundry to the customer, let us show you how a DONE-IN-ONE solution will benefit your business.


Regent Increases Machining/Turning Capacity

Regent Die and Tool Co. has just added a new, state-of-the-art, Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 250-II M turning lathe to its inventory of equipment. This 2-axis lathe features a 10” through-hole chuck with a work envelope of 13.780” maximum machining diameter and 39.108” maximum turning length. The Mazak Quick Turn 250-II M also features live tooling capabilities at all of the 12 turret locations.

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Past Tense for Pelton: July 2001

rsz_photo_1Founded in 1951, Regent Die and Tool is a third-generation machine company in Milwaukee, WI. What started out as a handful of tool machines in a little tool and die shop is now a comprehensive inventory of state-of-the-art machining centers and tool support systems that can process intricate, complex parts. Just minutes from Mitchell International Airport, we now have a 35,000 square foot facility handsomely equipped with the latest, most efficient equipment available.

Our Manufacturing Philosophy

Regent Die & Tool Location


As a precision machine shop dedicated to providing high-quality parts in the most efficient, cost-effective ways possible, we are ISO 9001:2008 certified and use Six Sigma principles. We are dedicated to lean manufacturing methods, and use them to drive our commitment to reduce cost, achieve maximum efficiency, reduce waste, meet our customers’ high expectations, and deliver on time.

You can rely on our comprehensive quality program to drive complete conformity to your part specifications throughout each step of the production process.

Quality Machining Services Since 1951

Regent Die & Tool ISO CertificationRegent Die & Tool is committed to quality.

Certifications & Accreditation

Regent Die & Tool is an organization that is ISO 9001:2008 Certified. We have implemented the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System into every aspect of our operations.

ISO 9001 certification is pursued to provide third party independent attestation to the high level of quality and excellence to which our programs and services adhere to. It is a way for Regent Die & Tool to attest to our clients our commitment to Quality.

Quality and Complete Client Satisfaction are the cornerstones of Regent Die & Tools operations and the service that we provide to our Clients. All Regent Die & Tools employees are committed and responsible for meeting and exceeding our Clients’ and their customers’ needs and expectations – every single day. Our Clients and their needs are the focal point that drives us to develop new products and continuously improve our services. These principles are the driving factors why Regent Die & Tool is an ISO 9001: 2008 registered company.

The core values of our Quality Management System are:

• Customer Focus
• Efficiency
• Goal Setting
• Continuous Improvement
• Employee Engagement
• Performance Excellence
• Innovation
• Value Creation
• Fact -Based Decision Making